Spring Garden Clean Up & Preparation (April – Early May)

1.      rake out leaves and other debris

2.      remove winter protection

3.      cut down remaining perennials

4.      fertilize perennials and shrubs

5.      weed

6.      apply pre-emergent weed preventative (organic product also available)

7.      lift roses

“I especially liked the picture book you send each year with photos of the seasonal pots.  It allows me to enjoy them in the dull winter.  The winter arrangements are still beautiful in March with the evergreens still green due to the preservative you use on the greens.  I also appreciated your extra help when my husband was in the hospital and rehab and we went on trips.  I knew everything was cared for, even my vegetable garden, and the house looked lived in even when we were not home.”

~ Janet C.

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